Annette - Spiritual Direction

In the peaceful setting of vineyards and countryside, join Annette to rest, write, walk, talk, create, and contemplate.

Aurewines: Annette's location for workshops, retreats and one-to-ones for Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Director: Annette Hoare

For many years now, Annette works as a spiritual director and her approach is brilliantly eclectic. She believes that a person's quality of life - and quality of contribution to life - is deeply affected by the individual's spiritual direction. Be that religious, or not. Whether, or not the understanding of direction is in flux. Simply pursuing the questions is enough. Having someone to trust and to do this with is the crux. A professional without bias who is both light and serious.

Annette Hoare: Spiritual Director


M.A. Theological Studies in Spirituality (Trinity College, University of Toronto)
Diploma Diaconal Ministry (Centre for Christian Studies, Winnipeg)
B.A. Psychology, (Reading, UK)
M.Sc. Organisational Psychology (City, London, UK)

Annette's work includes meeting with individuals to explore their spiritual direction as it influences their careers and their lives in general. Her formal Spiritual Direction training is with Jesuits; Anglican and Jewish masters; along with explorations into Hinduism and Buddhism. Annette also offers personality profiling including Myers Briggs.  

Annette values the role that she takes in enabling people to know their best selves.  Her vast knowledge and experience with her aptitude to explore life and meaning are her gifts.

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Annette Hoare: spiritual director

Spiritual Direction: a little information

"What I love most about meetings with Annette is how she encourages me to be who I am, and I feel she validates me with her interest and her open acceptance. I'm so creative after my sessions!" - client

Spiritual direction gives freedom to ask questions and to explore who you are. It guides you in discovering your best self. How you feel about yourself and your beliefs affect how you live, work and play. How often do we have time and space to explore our beliefs about ourselves and life?  To ponder the big questions: in a none-judgmental way.  A way that allows for expansion, for clarity, and for progress. How do we explore questions and answers?  

The time and space to grow safely with our thoughts and dreams, while feeling peace and possibilities, in the relaxed context of art, drama, walking or talking? ... This is how we explore together.

An ordinary answer can lead to an extraordinary event.

Venue: Aure Wines

Sitting atop the Niagara Escarpment - above the Beamsville Bench - Aure Wines is a family-run operation, founded in 2007. From vinifera vines, the wine varieties are gamay, cabernet franc, siegerrebe.  The land's 50 year old marechal foche are a treasured feature here.

Aurewines: location of Spiritual Direction Annette

The retreat is staged throughout the vineyard, courtyard and the buildings. Lunch is in the Silo Bistro which serves delicious and thoughtful meals. 

food during the retreat
sustainable location for spiritual direction

Beginning with the architecture, the wine operation runs with sustainability in mind and the energy saving features include passive solar heating and a green roof (shown here with our red roof!).