Wines, Vines and the Bible

An inspiring day in our vineyard and peaceful surroundings; this retreat takes you through a reflection on the imagery that the ancient Israelite used as a way of connecting with God. Metaphors connect us with life cycles which connect us with the vines. Join us to find spiritual direction that is inspired by the ancients.


In the cycle of wine making, the ancient Israelite found expression of spirituality. 

Reflect on the wine process along with references to how ancients used the vine imagery in their own life cycle.  

Cycle of life spiritual metaphor

Cycle of life

Where are you in the 'wine cycle' of life? Reflect on one of the pieces of scripture and see where this takes you.


Drama, art, walking and cooking are options. The community lunch includes a silent table for those wishing to maintain their contemplative stance.


All the senses!

Given that wine was appreciated by the Israelite as an expression of spirituality, those in the retreat who are interested are invited to a small wine tasting.

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