One to one spiritual direction with Annette

Reserve time and explore spiritual direction with Annette.  Ponder your faith. Consider the life you are meant to have - not the one that others give you.  Find stillness. Know peace of mind.

The location for one-on-one is at the family winery which sits atop the Niagara Escarpment - just above the Beamsville Bench.  Depending on the season, your time in exploration could include walking along the land and among the vines.


Is it confidential?
Yes: totally confidential.
Your participation / visits here are not discussed with anyone else.

Who is this for?

Is it just for Christian people?
No: this is for anyone: 

spiral of direction

Acting as your facilitator or guide, I walk with you - in your own understanding of how the energy within you connects to a greater, external energy. I am Anglican - Christian - and that is the platform I operate from - respecting your faith / belief system.  

So this is for everyone who is searching or looking to discern; regardless of beliefs. 

I do not preach any religion.  Nor will I want to change your orientation or values.

Is there a cost?


There is a charge for one-to-one spiritual direction; however, anyone unable to pay is asked to contribute to me - or another person - in another way.  Please phone 905-328-0300.


“Sitting and walking with people, I listen a lot.  I nudge a little.  I guide as a compassionate, none-judging companion and spiritual director.”  - Annette

people in spiritual direction